A series of pages taken from an unidentified journal including the end of an article on Sealed Cabin Atmospheres by Simons and Archibald, 'A New Device for Helicopter Rescue of Survivors Afloat' by Lieutenant Commander Roger G. Ireland, 'Human Factors in Weapon System Development' by Colonel Charles H. Roadman and Charles C. Limburg, 'Unusual Pulmonary Lesions in Flying Personnel' by Majors Robert J. Solomon, Edward P. Smith and Lieutenant Colonel Philip G. Keil, 'The Strato-Lab Balloon System for High Altitude Research' by Malcolm D. Ross and Lieutenant Commander M. Lee Lewis and 'Effect of Altitude and Oxygen Upon Primary Taste Perception' by Beatrice Finkelstein and Captain Robert G. Pippitt.


Aerospace Engineering, Aeronautics and Airline Industry
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