Control mechanism of Bleriot's monoplane

circa 1909 in France
Louis Charles Joseph Bleriot

Portion of Fuselage containing control mechanism; of Bleriot Monoplane. French aviator Louis Bleriot (1872-1936) made the first cross-Channel heavier-than-air flight in his No XI monoplane on 25 July 1909. Though his small, air-cooled three-cylinder Anzani motor was barely adequate for the task, he bravely pressed on, landing in Dover to immense acclaim. Bleriot was one of the pioneers of the standard-control layout still used today and patented his system in 1908.

This section of Bleriot fuselage is part of the first aircraft to cross fully the Irish Sea, flown by Mr Corbett Wilson in April 1912. Louis Blériot was one of the pioneers of the standard control layout still used today. Early aircraft builders developed many systems with various combinations of wheels, pedals and control columns. Orville and Wilbur Wright even used different layouts from each other. Blériot patented his system in 1908.


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Shannon, D.S.B.