Carton of 30 Prozac capsules, England, 1993

1993 in Basingstoke
Eli Lilly and Company Limited

Carton of 30 Dista (trademark) Prozac (Fluoxetine hydrochloride) capsules, 20mg, by Eli-Lilly & Co. Ltd., Basingstoke, England, 1993.

Prozac was first marketed in the US in 1988. Prozac is the trade name for fluoxetine. It became a widely prescribed drug to treat depression. Low levels of the chemical serotonin in the brain are linked with depression. Prozac increases serotonin to restore this imbalance. It is a controversial drug. It was initially hailed for its beneficial effects. However, Prozac was later criticised by some who linked it to adverse behaviour. Anti-depressants may be given to those with anorexia nervosa, a eating disorder, that may cause depression.

Eli-Lilly & Company Limited made this example. It was the first company to produce the drug. ‘Prozac’ is now everyday language. It has had its own entry in the Oxford English Dictionary since June 2008.


Materia Medica & Pharmacology
Object Number:
1998-887 Pt5
aluminium alloy, cardboard and plastic (unidentified)
capsule sheet: 6 mm x 89 mm x 66 mm,
  • drug
  • drug