Original 8mm amateur film "I Miss the Train"

1964 in Greater London

Original 8mm colour amateur film with magnetic soundtrack, made by Hilda Mary Meek and Roy Meek, wife and husband, in Belmont on Harrow & Wealdstone to Stanmore railway line (Greater London), in 1964-1965. The film is titled 'I Miss the Train' and features the Belmont station before and during closure in October 1964. The film includes shots taken in the station as well as shots taken on the Harrow & Wealdstone to Stanmore line. Some shots show electric trains, passengers giving a last homage to the station before closure and abandoned rails likely in 1965 after the effective closure of the line to Stanmore.

The film was made by Hilda Meek who made several cine films as a hobby and belonged to a local cine group in Stanmore where she lived at the time. The film is rare in that it documents the closure of the Belmont station and the homage given by its users on the last days. The film is constructed well and has a linear narrative, which is rare in amateur film. However, the filmmaker was experienced and a member of a cine group, so may have been able to access more equipment than most amateurs, hence the captions, quality of the filming and magnetic soundtrack.


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acetate and plastic (unidentified)
Mrs Ruth Chambers