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6 edited videos, broadcast extracts about the launch of a new National Express Rail service, 09-13/12/2007: BBC 1 North East & Cumbria (3 extracts, Look North) footage of last GNER service, interview with Lee Garrett (GNER driver), passengers, John Gelson (GNER) - New National Express service, interview with John Gelson (National Express East Coast) - New National express service, interview with Richard Bowker (Chief executive, National Express Group), footage at Kings Cross, on board of new service, interview with passengers, footage of York station with classical music players welcoming passengers of new service, plus footage of last train of GNER ; ITV 1 Tyne Tees (North East Tonight) footage of National Express first new train, footage in Newcastle station, interview with Richard Bowker (National Express Group, chief executive), ticket fares in questions ; BBC 1 Yorkshire (Look North) National Express new service, footage of York station, interview with Rochard Bowker (National Express), footage from driver cab, tickets fares in questions, interview with passengers, with reporter Alan Whitehouse ; ITV 1 London (London Tonight) new Thameslink station in Kings Cross, interview with passengers, Ruth Kelly MP (Transport Secretary), National Express taking over ECML first service, interview with Richard Bowker (National Express Group), Langdon Park new station, interview with Ken Livingstone (Mayor of London)

TV news coverage of 'Launch of New National Express Rail Service'


Filmed in 1959 in Soviet Union, USSR. Footage taken at Moscow Riga railway station (Rizhsky), possibly a Soviet station staff in white jacket uniform and other passengers waiting on platform, steam passenger train arriving at station with steam locomotive class Su 2-6-2 No. 254-10, electric multiple unit (EMU) on opposite tracks, overhead electric lines, railway worker cleaning locomotive, steam locomotive Joseph Stalin class IS 2-8-4 No. 607 pulling Moscow-Odessa passenger train, likely at Moscow Kiev station (Kiyevsky), electric train VL-23 No. 103 (3000V DC) likely in one of Moscow terminus (possibly Leningradsky railway terminal or Yaroslavsky railway terminal), diesel twin class TE7 No. 007, pulling Moscow-Leningrad express, possibly arriving at Moskovsky railway station in then Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg), in the same location, shunting of two large P36 4-8-4 steam locomotives coupled together. The end of the reel is made of footage taken at Malaya October railway (Malaya Oktyabrskaya or Malaia Oktiabr'skaia railway) a children’s railway, where children learn about the different railway jobs, shots showing children in railway uniform, observing locomotive, doing signalling operations from the tracks and on board, with steam locomotive class PT 0-8-0 departing station. A film made for Railway Roundabout BBC TV, by John Adams and Patrick Whitehouse. This is the original master film reel, black and white, silent. Duration: 5 minutes

16mm film, original master 'Russian Trains'