8mm amateur film 'Bournemouth shed No. 1' by David Hodge

8mm amateur film 'Bournemouth shed' by David Hodge
1965-1967 in United Kingdom and Bournemouth

8mm 400 feet film reel, edited film titled ' Bournemouth shed No. 1', made by amateur filmmaker, David Hodge. The filmmaker filmed most of the footage when he worked at Bournemouth Motive Power Depot, between December 1965 and July 1967. Colour and silent footage. This is part 1 of 2 of the 'Bournemouth shed' film. Film shows 35012 coming on shed after bringing in down Bournemouth Belle; Running Foreman and turning gang; Coal; Crane; Fireman breaking lumps of coal in tender; 34034; August Bank Holiday 1966; Standing in pit of 34032; Stainer Class 5 in lifting road; 34040/34032; 34057 passed by up Pined Express; Ash wagon; Buffer moving; Loading ashes into wagon; Long pit being cleared; Sand furnace; Filling sandboxes on 34015; Steam Raiser putting up wood for light up; Blow down pit; using pneumatic tube cleaner in the Liftin Road; Spark Arrester (parrot cage); 76 class; fire lighting in Dec 1966; using water treatment briquettes; staff working; shedman’s mess; 34001 derailed; shots of rerailment of loco and tender; preparing turntable and turning 73020; Shunting; 34093 in Lifting Road; 34004 being cleaned; 41320; 35012 coming to shed; Boiler Washouts; Boiler inspection; 34071; Class 5; fire dropping; Lord Dowding; 35012; 34040; footplate;


Moving Images
Object Number:
cardboard, plastic (unidentified) and cellulose acetate
overall: 200 mm x 200 mm x 50 mm,
film reel
David Hodge