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Filmed in 1959 in Soviet Union, USSR. Footage taken at Moscow Riga railway station (Rizhsky), possibly a Soviet station staff in white jacket uniform and other passengers waiting on platform, steam passenger train arriving at station with steam locomotive class Su 2-6-2 No. 254-10, electric multiple unit (EMU) on opposite tracks, overhead electric lines, railway worker cleaning locomotive, steam locomotive Joseph Stalin class IS 2-8-4 No. 607 pulling Moscow-Odessa passenger train, likely at Moscow Kiev station (Kiyevsky), electric train VL-23 No. 103 (3000V DC) likely in one of Moscow terminus (possibly Leningradsky railway terminal or Yaroslavsky railway terminal), diesel twin class TE7 No. 007, pulling Moscow-Leningrad express, possibly arriving at Moskovsky railway station in then Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg), in the same location, shunting of two large P36 4-8-4 steam locomotives coupled together. The end of the reel is made of footage taken at Malaya October railway (Malaya Oktyabrskaya or Malaia Oktiabr'skaia railway) a children’s railway, where children learn about the different railway jobs, shots showing children in railway uniform, observing locomotive, doing signalling operations from the tracks and on board, with steam locomotive class PT 0-8-0 departing station. A film made for Railway Roundabout BBC TV, by John Adams and Patrick Whitehouse. This is the original master film reel, black and white, silent. Duration: 5 minutes

16mm film, original master 'Russian Trains'