Cine film 'The Story of Time'

1950-1952 in London

Cine film reel; 'The Story of Time' commissioned by Rolex. An accompanying document for the reel gives the following explanation;

'Showing the Universe and how the solar forces were the first to be used to measure time. The sundial etc measuring daytime; Stars, fire and flame by night: Sun shadow fire and water used to obtain a full circle of the year, also sand for minutes. A simple clock was then invented using a verge and foliot made from wood. Metal then came along and the anchor escapemnt was invented. Clockmaking then used artists and engravers and many designs of clocks were produced. John Harrison and his invention of the Chronometer, then on to self-winding, a hammer used to wind a watch, although this did not work very well. A better invention was produced by swinging from side to side.' Made by J. Walter Thompson Co. Ltd.


The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers
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film reel