Black simulated leather effect case containing 12 labelled glass phials of tablets.

Black simulated leather effect case with metal clasp, containing 12 labelled glass phials of tablets. 12 bottles contents as follows:

'Penacetin' (phenacetin and caffine - half full of tablets); 'Tab ha Phenobarbital' (phenobarbitone - around 14 tablets remaining); 'Digitalin & Nitroglycerin comp. (cardiac)' (strychnine, digitalin, nitroglycerin - half full of tablets); 'Pulv Ipecac CO. B.P. Dover Powder' (opium, ipecac - 3 tablets remaining); 'Palatinoids Hydrarg Subchlor' (mercury chloride - full of tablets); 'aperiens, fort' (Aloin, Jalapin, mercury chloride, gingerin - half full of tablets); 'laxoin' (dihydroxyphthalophenon - 3/4 full of tablets); 'hypnogen' (phenobarbitone - 4 tablets remaining); 'ergota praeparata' (Alaloids of ergot, ergotoxin - half full of tablets); 'butyl chlor gelsemin quinine' (butyl chloral hydrate, gelsemin, quinine - half full of tablets); 'Acetosal' (acetysalicylic acid - half full of tablets); 'Nitroglycerium' (nitroglycerine - full of tablets). Case: height 38 mm x width 243 mm x depth 91 mm, weight 310.90g; phial: height 85 mm x diameter 19 mm. Case inscribed: 'OPPENHEIMER SON & Co, LTD'. Manufactured by Oppenheimer Son and Co. Ltd., case inscribed 'Dr. E. Pringle'. English, 1870-1930.


Materia Medica & Pharmacology
Sir Henry Wellcome's Museum Collection
Object Number:
opium, phenobarbitone / barbitone, strychnine, mercury, complete, rexine, leatherette and metal
case: 38 mm x 243 mm x 91 mm,
phial: 85 mm 19 mm,
medicine chest, opium, phenobarbitone, barbitone and strychnine
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