16mm film, original master 'A Journey from Helsinki to the Arctic Circle'

1960 in Finland
Patrick Bruce Whitehouse
John H L Adams

Filmed in 1960 on the railways in Finland. Footage of static locomotives in railway yard, Finnish railways locomotive No. 1000 on turntable, railway staff cleaning locomotive No. 1004 ash box wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), railwayman checking wheels, two railwaywomen cleaning a locomotive, exterior shot of Helsinki station, shots of platform 3 with sign for 15:05 Express train to Rovaniemi, close-up shots of carriages, passengers boarding, shots of dinning car and kitchen, with female staff, railwayman couple locomotive to carriage, shots of driver and fireman, train departing station led by locomotive No. 1004, shots from inside the driver's cab and lineside shots of train passing, Saaksjarvi station, train stopping at Tampere station, uncoupling steam locomotive 1004, exterior and interior shots of sleeping car (makuuvaunu sovvagn), coupling of diesel locomotive No. 1954 (VR Class Hr11) to carriages, railway porter loading goods on train, train departing station, night shot of train. Railway men and women working on locomotive in yard, maintenance and cleaning, steam locomotives No.750 and 751 (VR Class Hv4), coupling, train departing station, shots from driver's cab, passing through forest, Rovaniemi station, exterior and interior shots of diesel multiple units (DMU) No. 4064 to Kemijärvi, conductor checking ppassengers’tickets on board. A film made for Railway Roundabout BBC TV, by John Adams and Patrick Whitehouse. This is the original master film reel, black and white, silent. Duration: 7 minutes

This film is part of the Railway Roundabout collection donated by the makers of the programme, John Adams and Patrick Whitehouse. They produced films on contemporary British and foreign railways for the BBC Children's programme 'Railway Roundabout, broadcast monthly between 1958 and 1962 on BBC Television. The commentary was created and broadcast live, so the original films in the collection are silent. The Railway Roundabout collection includes the original masters, prints, some offcuts and working material for Railway Roundabout programmes as well as other films (non-Railway Roundabout) made by the John Adams and Patrick Whitehouse and a small number of films made by others. The collection also includes the original un-edited audio recordings made between 1960 and 1965 by John Adams and Patrick Whitehouse for the BBC radio programme Railway Roundup. Additionally, John Adams and Patrick Whitehouse were both photographers, their respective photographic collections are held by the National Railway Museum. This film is titled 'A Journey from Helsinki to the Arctic Circle' on title frame on film, 'The Railways of Finland' on Railway Roundabout 16mm masters list, 'By Rail to the Arctic Circle Cross Country Joint Line' on BBC Programme Index. First broadcast on 21 September 1960 on BBC Television.


Moving Images
Object Number:
cellulose acetate, plastic (unidentified) and metal (unknown)
16 mm film
Adams & Whitehouse