16mm film reels of railway research footage

7 16mm film reels, according the information on some of the film cardboard boxes, the films were likely made by the British Railways Executive Research Engineering Division in Derby and possibly BRER, Liverpool Street station. 3 films feature test on tracks filmed apparently via a hole in the floor of a wagon or carriage. These 3 films seem to be part of a same series of test. 1 film features track laying with machine and railway workers. 1 film (negative) may represent Barking station and/or Paddington according note on the cardboard (construction of Barking station booking hall in 1959-1961?), also features electric trains/electrified lines. 1 film features work on a bridge. 1 film (negative) shows an overhead water tank or coal hopper.


Moving Images
Object Number:
cellulose acetate, metal (unknown) and plastic (unidentified)
16 mm film
Finney, Andy