Notations of calculations for the Analytical Engine

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The Babbage Papers
Babbage, Charles

These 27 sets of notations are 'walk throughs' or 'traces' of programs for the Analytical Engine. They show how the arithmetic micro-programs in the Series F notations are used in extended calculations.

Most of the programs are very basic and give little indication of the sequencing and control facilities intended to be used on the machine. Earlier examples of user program 'traces' are found amongst the earliest Series F notations. All but one of the examples discussed in the Menabrea/Lovelace paper are from either Series F or Series L. The titles of the notations provided by Bromley to summarise Babbage's very technical titles have been retained, with the addition of Babbage's title in some cases, as appropriate.


27 sets of notations consisting of 36 sheets
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