A collection of mounted and annotated prints of solar spectra and solar prominences

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The collection includes: a solar spectrum marked 'No 1'; solar spectrum marked centre of image and centre of flash line; 5 solar spectra titled 'Spectra photographed during total phase Eclipse January 22 1898' and 'Evershed (113) 1900'; 3 solar spectra titled 'Plate 1 Comparison between cusp spectra photographed in ordinary daylight, to show the relative faintness of the Fraunhofer lines in the eclipse spectra and the great extension of the latter in Ultra Violet' and 'Evershed (113) 1900'; 3 solar spectra, no title but marked 'Evershed (119) 1902' on the back; 5 spectra, no title but spectra taken during 1905; 2 prints of sunspots and 2 of their spectra dated 6th and 7th April 1915 marked 'K O Bulletin Vol III, Plate III; Lapsed time photos of solar prominence, no date or place, 14 prints; 4 solar spectra, no title, time or place but dated Feb/Mar 1905; 4 solar spectrum, no details at all; 5 prints of the sun in bright H alpha, 2 on front, 3 on back dated 1928, 1929 and 1930; 8 prints of the eruptive prominence of 26 May 1916, marked 'Vol III Plate IV; Iron spectrum, enlarged from Michelson Grating Photograph, from Imperial College of Science and Technology, Feb 1909; Spectrum of lower Chromosphere Ultra Violet region, from photograph taken with 2in prismatic camera at the Solar Eclipse of 1898 Jan 22 by J Evershed, marked 'Evershed (113) 1900; 4 small spectra marked 'HWN from Mr J Evershed FRS'; 5 spectra dated 1896 and 1897 marked 'spectra by Jewell concave grating'; 3 spectra, no dates but comparison between Fe arc and the sun, marked 'spectra by Jewell with concave grating'; 5 spectra, no annotations except scales; 4 spectum titled ' Flash Spectra near South pole of Sun'; 7 spectra taken by Jewell concave grating 2nd order, taken 1896/7.

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