A collection of items in a folder marked 'Miscellaneous Notes' containing 'Nature' reports, 'The Orr-Fuller theory of the origin' and notes on John Evershed

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The collection includes a 'Rustir Bridge Stationary' folder marked 'Miscellaneous Notes' and 'J.E.'s early memories'. It contains a handwritten 'The Orr-Fuller theory of the origin of the planetery phenomena of the solar system, 1916'; typed notes in obituary style of John Evershed and the publications include: 'Nature' No. 2713, Vol. 108, October 27, 1921; 'Nature' No. 2722, Vol. 108, December 29, 1921; 'Nature' No. 2775, Vol. 111, January 6, 1923; 'The Rotation of the Galaxy being The Halley Lecture' delivered on 30 May 1930 by A.S. Eddington.

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