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The collection includes: ‘The Royal Society Empire Scientific Conference June-July 1946 Preliminary Report’; ‘Relations Entre Les Phenomenes Solaires Et Terrestres’, 1948; ‘Early Days at Mount Wilson’ by Walter S. Adams, 1947; ‘The Observatory A Review of Astronomy’ December 1955; ‘Active Members of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific’ 1953; ‘Solar Activity and its Terrestrial Effects’ by Sir Harold Spencer Jones, Smithsonian Institution, 1956; ‘Notes and Records of The Royal Society Vol I’ 1938; ‘Notes and Records of The Royal Society of London Volume II’ 1954-1955; ‘The Fields of Force In The Atmosphere of the Sun’ by George E. Hale, reprinted from Nature, 1927; ‘Temperature and Turbulence in the Chromosphere’ by R.O. Redman and Z. Suemoto, 1954; ‘Interferometric Measurements of Solar Wave-Lengths and an Investigation of the Einstein Gravitational Displacement’ by M.G. Adam, 1948; ‘Obituary Notice Sir William Bragg’ reprinted from the Proceedings of the Physical Society, 1942; ‘George Darwin Lecture 1947 May 9 The Fraunhofer Lines of the Solar Spectrum’ by Prof. M.G.J. Minnaert; ‘The Physical Society’ – ‘Solar Physics’ by A.D. Thackeray, 1940; ‘The Lick Astronomical Department of the University of California’ by Milicent W. Shinn, reprinted from the “overland Monthly” Nov. 1892; ‘British Science News Vol. 2, No. 16, 1949’ published by the British Council.

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