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The articles include: 'On the Recurrence of Magnetic Storms' by W.M.H. Greaves and H.W. Newton, May 1929; 'Large Magnetic Storms and Large Sun-Spots' by W.M.H. Greaves and H. W. Newton, May 1928; 'The Sun's Cycle of Activity' by H. W. Newton, July 1928 (has a handwritten note - 'With many thanks for Platex H.W.N'); 'Solar Flares and Magnetic Storms' by H.W. Newton, 1943 (has a handwritten note - 'To Mr and Mrs Evershed from H.W. newton with kind regards and many thanks for helpful interest and some data'); 'Geomagnetic "Crochet" Occurrence at Abinger, 1936-46, and Allied Solar and Radio Data' by H.W. Newton, 1948 (has a handwritten note - 'with kindest regards H.W.Newton').

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