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The articles include: 'The Third Earl of Rosse and his Great Telescopes' by M. A. Ellison reprinted from The Journal of the British Astronomical Association, Vol.52, No. 8, 1942; 'The Eruptive Prominence of 1947 June 11, and some "Motion Forms" of its H Line' by M. A. Ellison, reprinted from 'Journal' No. 6, Vol. 57, 1947; 'Visual and Spectrographic Observations of a Great Solar Flare, 1946 July 25' by M. A. Ellison, Reprinted from the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol. 106. No. 6. 1946 (has a handwritten note -'with the author's kind regards M.A.E'); 'Sunspot Prominences - Some Comparisons Between Limb and Disk Appearances' by M.A. Ellison, reprinted from Monthly Notices of RAS, No. 1, 1944 (has a handwritten note -'with the author's kind regards M.A.E'); 'A Photometric Survey of Solar Flares, Plages and Prominences in Ha Light' by M.A. Ellison, 1952, The Royal Observatory Edinburgh.

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