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The publications include: 'A Contour Map of IC 443 at 1400 MC/S' by James F. Wanner, April 1961; 'Meteor Reports American Meteor Society for 1960 Flower and Cook Observatory Reprint No. 131' by Charles P. Oliver; 'Astronomy' by Frank Bradshaw Wood, reprinted from Sciences in Communist Chinam, 1961; 'The Eclipsing System V Tucanae' by Frank Bradshaw Wood and George E. McCluskey Jr. 1961; 'The System of VV Cephei' by Laurence W. Fredrick, 1960; 'Observations and Times of Minima for Three W Ursae Majoris Systems' by Beverly B. Bookmyer, 1960; 'The Light Variation and Orbital Elements of AK Herculis' by L. Binnendijk; 'Stellar Scintillation' by W. M. Protheroe, 1961.

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