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The publications include: 'Cawthron Lecture 1947 Problems in Astronomy Solved and Unsolved' by F. G. Gibbs; 'Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Vol. 104 No. 1 1944; 'A Large Prominence' by J. Evershed, July 1908; 'Total Solar Eclipse of 1905, August 30 - Report of the Eclipse Expedition to Pineda de la Sierra, Spain' by J. Evershed, 1905; 'The Journal of the British Astronomical Association Vol. 44 No. 3 1933-34'; 'The Journal of the British Astronomical Association, Report of the Meeting of the Association held January 28, 1891'.

Other items include: a handwritten note referring to spectrograph; a piece of card with a hand drawn prism style drawing; 'The Royal Society Special Lectures 1947' with handwritten notes on the back; a sketch drawing with annotations; ‘Through Space and Time The Royal Institution Lectures for Christmas 1933 Sir James Jeans’ addressed to J Evershed.

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