A collection of items including publications, letters, notes and obituaries of Mary and John Evershed

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The collection includes: a black and white paper print of John Evershed, Mrs Warwick? Michael Warwick? and Mary Evershed; Schiaparellis map of Mars 1888; handwritten notes; an empty envelope marked ‘greenheyes, the croft Cleveland town [?]’; typed notes on ‘Recollections of J.E’ mostly regarding butterflies; a handwritten letter from J. Evershed to Harry dated 1/6/23; typed notes on ‘Magnetic Effect in Solar Spectra; a typed letter to Mr Evershed from H. von Kluber regarding solar spectrum; two publications by H. von Kluber – ‘An attempt to direct a general magnetic field of the sun by a spectrographic method, using a lummer plate’ and ‘Remarks on Hale’s determination of the general magnetic field of the sun’; handwritten letters from J. Evershed to Dr. von. Kluber; typed notes on ‘Note on the Aurora of January 25 and its possible connection with sun spots’ by J. Evershed; typed notes on ‘The General Magnetic Field in the Sun’; typed notes on ‘Magnetic Effect in Solar Spectra’; typed correspondence between Evershed and D. Koelbloed; a handwritten letter from H.W. Newton to Mr Evershed, dated September 22 1933; a photocopy of Mary Ackworth Orr’s obituary; a newspaper clipping and photocopies of John Evershed’s obituary; modern printed notes of John Evershed; a publication ‘Recollections of Seventy Years of Scientific Work’ reprinted from Vistas in Astronomy, 1955, 3 copies plus photocopies; biographical memoirs of John Evershed; publication ‘John Evershed 1864-1956’ reprinted from Biographical memoirs of fellows of the Royal Society, Volume 3, November 1957, 2 copies’


c. 40 items in a box file
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