Letter from Robert Schwab to William Grey Walter, 18 October 1947

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Papers relating to the clinical and experimental neuroscientific work carried out at the Burden Neurological Institute
Schwab, Robert S.

Congratulates Walter on his recent grant from the Rockefeller Foundation. Requests details of European papers on the E.E.G. published late in 1947 so that he can include them in his contribution to Recent Advances in Medicine (Philadelphia: Spiegel). Notes the difficulties in maintaining a constant heater voltage in the circuits and suggests possible rearrangements for the Edison Swan device. Notes his use of the analyser in measuring changes in theta and delta rhythms following carbon monoxide poisoning. Discusses forthcoming meeting of the Eastern Association of Electroencephalographers in Philadelphia where the Massachusetts team will describe their recent trip to England. Notes the request from Marquis Publishing Company for an entry on Walter for Who's Who in New England.



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