Photocopied articles by key players at the Burden Neurological Institute, 1909-1950. Contains articles A, A1, B, C, and 1 - 103.

Authors include: William Cobb, George Dawson, Vivian Dovey (later Walter), Frederick Lucien Golla, Yolande Golla, Molly Heppenstall, Denis Hill, Effie Lilian Hutton, Leslie MacLeod, Geoffrey Parr, Desmond Pond, Max Reiss, Harold Shipton, and William Grey Walter.

Topics include: electroencephalography, cerebral tumours, epilepsy, convulsion therapies, schizophrenia, leucotomy (lobotomy), alcoholism, and the development of E.E.G. equipment (including frequency analysers, amplifiers, and oscillators).



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