Papers from IEE Colloquium on 'Systems Engineering Method'

A folder containing the following papers from the IEE Colloquium 'Systems Engineering Method':

- Programme of the colloquium

- Paper entitled 'Systematic Design of Socio-Technical Systems', by F.W. Umbach

- Paper entitled 'Reliability Assessment', by I.A. Watson

- Paper entitled 'Systems Creativity', by Derek K. Hitchins

- Paper entitled 'System Evaluation: Life-Cycle Cost Effective Analysis and Assessment Procedures' by P.K. M'Pherson

- Paper entitled 'The Simulation of Small Marine Systems Incorporating Gas-Turbine and Diesel Prime Movers'

- Note stating paper entitled 'System X' by J. Martin was not available with some handwritten notes added to it

- Paper entitled 'Software Systesm Engineering - A Case Study', by Colin McRae


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