A folder containing the following International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis research memorandum:

- 'Revealed Preferences: Comments on the Starr Benefit-Risk relationships' by Harry J Otway, March 1975

- 'Examining Corporate Policy using Multiattribute Utility Analysis' by Ralph L Keeney, June 1975

- 'A Group Preference Axiomatization with Cardinal Utility' by Ralph L Keeney, September 1975

- 'The Determinants of Attitude Formation: An Application to Nuclear Power' by Harry J Otway and Martin Fishbein, December 1976

- 'A Practical Approach to Choosing Alternate Solutions to Complex Optimisation Problems under Uncertainty' by Lev S Belyaev, January 1977

- 'Pitfalls of Analysis and the Analysis of Pitfalls' by G. Majone, January 1977

- 'Application of a Simple Multi-Attribute Rating Technique to Evaluation of Nuclear Waste Disposal Sites: A Demonstration by Harry J Otway and Ward Edwards, June 1977

- 'Energy, Entropy, and Information' by Jean Thoma, June 1977


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