Folder of sources for history of control

A folder containing published sources used by P.K. M'Pherson whilst writing his works on the history of control. This includes:


- Discovering Windmills by J.N.T. Vince

- Getting to Know About Windmills by Jeffery W Whitelaw

- Windmills of East Anglia by Brian Flint

- Stretham Old Engine by R.L. Hills

- Control before the 20th Century by Z.A. Siemaszko

- The Origins of Feedback Control by Otto Mayr

- Directions of Research in Control by A.T. Fuller

- The Historical and Mathematical Background to Routh's "Stability of Motion" by A.T. Fuller

- Some Notes on the Origins of Mechanical Servo and Mechanisms' by H.G. Conway

- Historical and Scientific Background of Automation by J.F. Coales

- Control and Automation by J.F. Coales

- One Hundred Years after Maxwell by Harold Chestnut

- The Servo Panel by Arthur Porter

- Chaucer and Mediaeval Science by J.F. Lodge

- Fifty Years of Instrument Research by Sira


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