A folder containing the following International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis research reports:

- 'Resilience and Stability of Ecological Systems' by C.S. Holling, September 1973

- 'Management and Standards for Perturbed Ecosystems' by Myron B. Fiering and C.S. Holling, February 1974

- 'Proof for a Case where Discounting Advances the Doomsday' by Tjalling C Koopmans

- 'Defining and Quantifying Goals for Measuring the State of an Ecosystem' by David E Bell, December 1974

- 'The Application of Catastrophe Theory to Ecological Systems' by Dixon D Jones, June 1975

- 'Avoidance Response to the Risk Environment: A Cross-Cultural Comparison by Harry J Otway, R Maderthaner and G Guttmann, June 1975


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