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The box contains 7 photo albums and 2 envelopes of photographs:

Album no. 19 - Taiwan Bo-Bo.

Album no. 20 - I.S.C.O.R./S.A.R Class 9E 50kV locomotives built for ISCOR iron ore traffice between Sishen and Saldanha Bay.

Album no. 40A - Miscellaneous photographs, includes Sheffield test bed recitifier set, ALCO DL543 for Sierra Leone DVT Corporation, Indian Eastern prototype E.M.U.

Album no. 40B - Photographs for S.A.M. 61211. COMRAILS. 61241, empty album.

Album no. 59 - MINI conversion G.O.19504 photographs of a MINI Traveller car converted to electric drive by A.E.I. Ltd for the Electricity Council.

Album no. 61 - Pakistan Railways G.O.B.19614 photographs, empty album.

Album no. 63 - Miscellaneous photographs, English Electric desks for BR; CR7K 250 Thyrister G.O.19688.

Envelope 1 - ISCOR photographs of bogies, bodies and equipment.

Envelope 2 - ISCOR and Taiwan photographs of mechanical parts and underframes.


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