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The box contains photographs of English Electric Company Limited and AEI Traction locomotives for:

Western Australia Government Railways:

Class H 950 hp

Class K 1950 hp English Electric diesel electric locomotives, 1966

'Wildflower' Class 3 car diesel electric multiple unit railcars, 2 x 6H engines, 1949, English Electric contract number 6SO 524

Midland Railway of Western Australia 790 hp and 1100 hp English Electric diesel electric locomotives

New South Wales Government Railways:

British Thomson Houston equipped 1000 hp diesel electric switching locomotives, Paxman 12RPHL engine, 157AZ motors, RTB 10844 generator

Prototype double deck suburban coaches, 4 x English Electric 200hp traction motors, 1968

Interurban 2 car electric multiple units, 4 x Associated Electrical Industries motors, 1961

Pre 1960 Interurban units


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