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The box contains photographs of English Electric Company Limited (EECO) and AEI Traction locomotives for South African Railways:

Electric Multiple Units and Electric Locomotives. Showing vehicles in building, as built, equipment fitted and views of units and locomotives in traffic. EMUs for various electrification schemes, eg. Capetown, Cape Western, Reef, Johannesburg and Durban. Equipment made by EECo, AEI, Joint AEI & EECo and GEC Traction between 1928 and 1974. Locomotives of Classes 1E, 3E and 5E1 built by Metro Vick or AEI and Class 5E built by EECo Preston, between 1925 and 1974. One photograph of a 4wheel battery locomotive built by Metro Vick in 1924. Personel, senior engineers of SAR, AEI and EECo. A press release dated 1968 for order for Class 7E locomotives.


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