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The box contains photographs for English Electric Company Limited and AEI Traction:


General Electric, USA photos

Enfield – Chingford and Bishops Stortford AC EMUs

Electric 1-A units (1 used at each end of a flat carrying body). Taken by Risbey of Darlington

1000HP Diesel-Electric locos built by BTH; Metro-Cammell and Davey, Paxman for New South Wales Government Railways including two photographs of loco No.4101 built in 1953

Greenland Road Works, Sheffield, external and interior

ISCOR (South Africa) Class 9E locos on an iron ore train

Workshops, facilities and products

Metropolitan-Vickers Trafford Park Manchester

Metropolitan Vickers Beyer Peacock Ltd Manchester & Stockton

Body structure of SAR 5E loco. Endorsed on reverse with AEI M/cr neg. number

“British Railways Diesels G.O.61078 No.2”, stages of construction of BR Co-Bo diesel locos at Stockton works

SAR 5E locos under construction and being shipped. One references GO19880


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