Deltics and BR locomotive photographs

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The box contains photographs for English Electric Company Limited and AEI Traction of Deltics and BR locomotives:

DP2 Prototype - locomotive in service, engine (16CSVT), control frame, cab, bogie, exhauster oil seal problem and solution

BR Class 50 (DP2 derivative; D400 series) - in service

“Lion” prototype (BRCW/Sulzer/AEI) - Works photos in binder (AEI Traction Division), in service, memo re: disposal of nameplate(s)!

HST - in service (GEC Traction Motors were fitted to some power cars)

BR Class 56 (English Electric/Ruston-Paxman engine) - in service

BR Class 58 (English Electric/Ruston-Paxman engine) - in service

EECo Deltic prototype - underframe underside, power unit in loco, bogie, cutaway model for trade fair, dynamic testing, working “Merseyside Express”, in service, transport to and handover at Science Museum 1963

BR Class 55 (Deltic production build) - in build, cab, roof frames, cooler group, engine room, power unit, in service, both two-tone green and blue liveries


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