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English Electric Company Limited

This box contains negatives in printed envelopes. The origin is EE Bradford and all photos are of electrical machines, drives and components in annual bundles. They are listed by group or set of photographs, not by individual photos. A sample from each bundle is detailed.

BT/M52/1 to BT/M52/5 - Sample: BT/M52/1 A complete Traction Generator Assembly with Auxiliary Generator and Blower

BT/M53/1 to BT/M53/80 - Sample: BT/M53/1 Wheelset Assembly with pinion, half-bearing and spoked wheel

BT/M54/1 to BT/M/76 - Sample: BT/M54/1 Generator Assembly with Blower

BT/M/55/1 to BT/M/55/34 - Sample: BT/M55/1 DC machine lower half complete showing poles

BT/M56/1 to BT/M56/33 - Sample: BT/M56/1 Flexible Gearwheel

BT/M57/1 to BT/M57/43 - Sample: BT/M57/1 Brushgear chamber view of DC Generator (EE832?)

BT/M58/1 to BT/M58/28 - Sample: BT/M58/2 Armature Complete. EE507 with steel-banded windings

BT/M59/1 to BT/M59/37 - Sample: BT/M59/1 Booster Flywheel set complete

BT/M60/1 to BT/M60/68 - Sample: BT/M60/1 Small Auxiliary Induction Motor


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