British Thomson-Houston Co Ltd negatives

British Thomson-Houston Co Ltd

This box contains British Thomson-Houston Co Ltd (Rugby) negatives in small thin translucent envelopes, and are generally in batches (with a few odd ones) sorted in numerical order. They are identified by drawing number which is made up of 5 or 6 numbers preceded by a size-code letter (W, X, Y, Z, SK). With rare exceptions all drawings are for electrical traction equipment and cover schemes and details for build and assembly. One or two sample drawings from each batch are detailed below.

18851 to 18899 - Sample: 18851 Connections for Driving Equipment on Trailer Car, for Baker St & Waterloo Rly

22677 to 22777 - Sample: 22677 Back of Switch Panel for 4 Motor Equipment

26004 to 26099 - Sample: 26004 Brackets etc. for Magnetic Track Brake form F, for Pontypridd Trams

26265 - Detail for Burnley Tram

27236 to 27678 - Sample: 27236 Expanded Metal Screen, for Scottish House to House Co

64522 to 65000 - Sample: 64522 Oil Door (Gear Cover) for GE 237A Rly Motor; Sample: 65000 North Eastern Railway. C1709. Connections of Sprague Thomson Houston control with C28C Controllers and 2 Motors

123800 to 124192 - Sample: 123800Wigan Corporation: Proposed Arrangement of Atmospheric Exhaust; Sample: 124192 Solid Gear (treated) 69 teeth 4DP for GE 265A Traction Motor

414130 to 415287 - Sample: 414130 RPC 101 Controller. Valve & Cylinder Head for Reverser; Sample: 415287 Proposed Arrangement of Electrical Equipment in High Tension Chamber. 4 Motor Equipment 1500V


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