British Thomson-Houston Co Ltd negatives

British Thomson-Houston Co Ltd

This box contains negatives of BTH (Rugby) drawings in small thin translucent envelopes, and are generally in batches (with a few odd ones) sorted in numerical order. They are identified by drawing number which is made up of 6 or 7 numbers preceded by a size-code letter (W, X, Y, Z, SK). With rare exceptions all drawings are for electrical traction equipment and cover schemes and details for build and assembly. One or two sample drawings from each batch are detailed below.

415288 to 415500 - Sample: 415288 Proposed diagram of connections for Driving Trailer Coach 120Volts for Bombay, Baroda & Central India Railway

417932 to 418203 - Sample: 417932 TypeC592A Master Controller Assembly (elevation)

439110 to 443790 - Sample: 439110 Interlock for Main Switch Assembly

562518 to 563438 - Sample: 562518 MB21A Line Breaker Interlock Finger Base

1858995 to 1928018 - Sample: 1858995 Local Wiring Diagram for Main Lighting All Cars (LTE).

1938200 to 1938499 - Sample: 1938200 1949 Tube Stock. Trunk and Car End Wiring. Style “A” Uncoupling Non-driving Motor Car

1944860 to 1983742 - Sample: 1944860 Type ASC617C Low Tension Control Cubicle. Top and Base Frame Assembly. For ICI Portugal

2053219 to 2254913 - Sample: 2053219 PCM14A1 Traction Control Equipment Cable Control Assembly. A183757. Toronto Subway.

2324163 to 2642922 - Sample: 2324163 Cast Core


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