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This box contain film negatives and 2 canisters of 35mm roll film negatives. The origin is EE Bradford or Preston and all photos are of locomotives or emus, electrical control equipment, and components in sequential bundles. A sample from each bundle is detailed below:

Film canisters:

TIN 1 Copenhagen “S” stock emu trains

TIN 2 Copenhagen “S” stock emu trains and some scenes of Copenhagen Old Harbour and the Mermaid

Negatives number series, BT/C64/100-262; BT/C65/1- 176; BT/C66/1-231; BT/C67/1-150

Sampled items :

BT/C64/100 Equipment case interior showing pipes and valves

BT/C64/200 2 Equipment modules, each consisting of 4 diodes and a snubber assembly

BT/C65/50 Assembly of a large EE fuse with auxiliary contact block

BT/C65/150 Interior view of the corridor in an electric locomotive showing rectifier frames – possibly a British Rail Class 86 loco

BT/C66/25 Equipment frame (right hand view) for DP2 diesel-electric prototype loco

BT/C66/127 Resistor frame with type PKT6 resistor elements

BT/C66/225 Pneumatic contactor in an equipment case

BT/C67/40 Manually-operated power isolating switch

BT/C67/70 Underframe equipment case for EE emu train

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