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The box contains small good quality photographs of locomotives, mounted on index cards and sorted, by year and divided into EMU’s and locomotives by country in alphabetical order in bundles:

EMUs from 1930’s to 1980’s for South Africa, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, BR, Caracus, Denmark, India, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Taiwan, DEMV + GTMV.

Locomotives from 1922-1978 for BR Electric Diesels, BR ac and dc locomotives, LTE Battery Locos, Brazil, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, India, Japan, New Zealand, Norway + Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, UK Tyne + Wear and USA.

PT/P69/19 - 1969 - Danish State Railways new emu stock

PT/P69/120 - Nov 1969 - Ghana diesel-electric loco no 2 at Liverpool Docks

PT/P70/30 - Mar 1970 - Artist’s impression of 6-car articulated unit. Advanced Passenger Train, BR Derby

PT/P70/70 - June 1970 - New Class 310 emus for British Rail at Bletchley depot sidings

PT/P71/40 - June 1971 - Men looking at a motor under test at EE Preston works

PT/P71/70 - Oct 71 - Underground trains for the LTB Victoria Line at Northumberland Park depot

PT/P72/25 - Feb 1972 - Diesel-electric loco bodies in store. These are painted with the “PER” logo of Pakistan Eastern Railway. They were never delivered in this livery due to the war of independence and were finally shipped to Bangladesh Railways

PT/P72/76 - Sept 1972 - 500hp industrial shunting locomotives at Shotton steel works, North Wales.


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