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The box contains two sets of small good quality photographs, mounted on index cards.

Set 1:

0001 – 0402, in the following categories Publicity, Machines, Electric Locos, Industry and Control for Hong Kong, ISCOR, the National Coal Board, India, Taiwan, Denmark, British Rail, South African Railways and Harbours, Amax, Tyne & Wear Railways and London Transport, 1978-1983.

Set 2:

File prints of Publicity, General, Models, Historic, Road Vehicles, Trolleybuses, Trams, Battery, Bodywork, 1910-1976:

Publicity - Various photos of exhibitions, ceremonies and graphical material.

Models of locos supplied to BR, South Africa, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, India

Historic - Various photos of subjects dating from 1930s back to early 19th century. Broad categories are Early UK Railways/Stockton & Darlington, steam locos for India and S Africa, Early UK main line EMUs and Locos, early London Underground trains, EMUs and Locos for various overseas railways, and some industrial battery locos and equipment

Road Vehicles:

Trolleybuses - Photos from 1910 to 1959 of vehicles for various UK operators, Oslo, Copenhagen, Arnhem, Oporto, New Zealand (several locations), Johannesburg and Sao Paolo

Trams – Photos from 1920 to 1962 of cars for various UK systems, Oporto, East London, Cape Town, Rotterdam

Battery Vehicles - 1940-65

Bodywork – bus bodies built at Preston, 1930s

General – miscellaneous road vehicles


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