English Electric Company glass negatives

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English Electric Company Limited

The drawer contains c 200 large glass negatives, some of which are damaged and most are contained in envelopes. The drawer has been sample checked:

EP406 - Christmas Island diesel 3/4 rear view

EP857 - Traction M/C shop

EP416 - Trolleybus equipment rear view

EP541 - End of front view of FMS shunter in 23 shop MR3/1

EP242 - Small Home Guard group (Ack-Ack section)

EP243 - Group of Home Guard officers only

EP389 - General view dining hall Hampsfield

EP462 - General view diesel generator plant for “New Lymington”

EP781 - 16SVT Mark II diesel view on flywheel end

EP748 - Exploded view of “RK” type connecting rod and piston assembly

EN21 - No. 5 Platoon B. coy 8th county of Lancaster Battalion Home Guard

EP690 - 16sv Argentine dredger diesel end view pump end

EP414 - British Guiana rly no. 951/2 1st class passenger coach inside view


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