Film - Building of MTRC Cars in Hong Kong

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Corporate film produced by Metro-Cammell Hong Kong Ltd.

The film follows the building of Mass Transit Railway Corporation cars in Metro-Cammell's Hong Kong works, in August 1994. The film is divided in chapters focusing on specific aspects of the manufacturing process, in the following order:

1: Drilling of extrusions ; 2: Building of roof ; 3: Welding and install of A/C well ; 4: Lower roof assembly ; 5: Building of under frame ; 6: Positioning of bodyside ; 7: Positioning of roof ; 8: Q. A. survey ; 9: Shell move out from jig ; 10: Water test on shell ; 11: Equipment fitting and internal finishing ; 12: Bogies ; 13: Testing ; 14: Test run in the depot ; 15: Test run on the main line ; 16: Tested OK, handed to service.


41 mins 15 seconds video on 1 VHS cassette
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