Film - Eurostar: The Way Ahead

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Corporate film produced by or sourced from 92 1/2 Milepost (professional specialist picture library and photographers to the railway industry).

Presentation video using only still images (from 92 1/2 Milepost collections) and an English commentary, announcing the Eurostar services to come in 1994. The video includes photographs the manufacturing of the Eurostar trains and tells about the provenance of the components, the building locations and the technologies employed. There are also photographs of the interior of Eurostar carriages and the services provided on board. The video focuses as well on construction work and infrastructures designed especially for Eurostar: Waterloo International, the construction of the first Britain International Maintenance and servicing depot at North Pole in West London and finally the completion of the Channel tunnel.


10 mins 30 seconds video on 1 VHS cassette
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