Film - Going Electric: The Electrification of the East Coast Main Line (ECML)

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Corporate film produced for the Director of Public Affairs British Railways Board, by Cinécosse, and presented by Martin Young.

Going Electric: the electrification of the ECML, also subtitled The High Road North, presents the project of the electrification of the East Coast Main line (ECML), the reason behind it, the beginning of the work and the planned timetable of the project from the electrification of Huntingdon by May 1987 up to York and Edinburgh by May 1991. The film focused on the benefits of going electric by changing from the diesel operated Intercity 125 to the future Intercity 225 Electra (Class 91) which is presented. The film includes footage of workshops where work is conducted on Intercity 125, undergoing electrification work on the lines, model of Electra, and interviews with ECML representatives and shots taken at York and Edinburgh stations.


21 mins video on VHS cassette (2 copies)
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