Film - GEC Power Engineering: Is Anyone Going to Change?

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Film produced by Michael Barratt Limited, directed by Nigel Houghton and presented by Brian Redhead.

The film is presented as a report from Brian Redhead on the actual situation of GEC Power Engineering and its employees, in a context where the company is facing difficulties due partly to a lack of home orders.

This is illustrated with shots taken inside GEC Power Engineering works at Trafford Park, including footage of employees being interviewed in offices, expressing their worries about the future of their employment while facing a lack of orders and overseas competition.

Footage is also taken at Datford, where the construction of Littlebrook Power station is undergoing (to be finished in 1981) by the Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB). Brian Redhead reviews briefly the recent history of electricity demand and supply in Great Britain, leading to the lack of home order by the time of the film (1978).

He then focuses on the orders from overseas, the current success and upcoming projects e.g. the presence of GEC at the Energy Exhibition in Peking (Beijing), and the sales projections for the coming years, etc.

The film confronts interviews of factories employees voicing their worries and demands to GEC as well as interviews with managers and GEC representatives responding on the situation. Brian Redhead investigates on the need and the way for GEC Power Engineering to change in order to be able to counteract the general crisis the power industry is facing which impacts the relation between management and the workforce.


18 mins video on 1 VHS cassette
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