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Film produced for the People Mover Group in association with West Midlands County Council and British Rail, produced by Anvil Film and Recording Group Limited, written and directed by David Stevens

The film presents the Maglev, magnetic levitation system used and built to transport passengers in Birmingham New International Airport between the terminal and the railway station.

The film includes footage of Maglev in service, comments from passengers, animated drawings how the maglev system works, an interview with the chairman of the airport authority and the West Midlands County council surveyor. There is also footage of the construction of the tracks and of the maglev cars, shots showing Prince Philip visiting the construction site in 1983, footage of the running of tests and a sequence about the official opening of Birmingham new International airport by Queen Elizabeth II on 30 May 1984 and the Queen and Prince Philip travelling on the Maglev.

The People Mover Group consists of: GEC Transportation Projects Ltd., Balfour Beatty Power construction Ltd., Brush Electrical machines Ltd. , GEC General Signals Ltd., GES Transmission & Distribution Projects Ltd., GEC Witton Kramer Ltd., Metro-Cammell Ltd.


17 mins 55 seconds video on 1 VHS cassette
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