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Corporate film produced for Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway Corporation (MTRC), by Neil Forsyth Associates Limited Hong Kong and directed by Neil Forsyth.

The film highlights the importance and the significance of the MTR in Hong-Kong and tells the story of the MTR. The footage shows the MTR employees, their diverse function (cleaning the trains, signalling and communication, driving the trains, etc.), the passengers and their disciplinary behaviour at rush hours, the busy underground stations. There are also shots taken on board the trains.

Aerial views over Hong-Kong illustrates how the underground railway makes sense for this specific city and archive images accompany the commentary telling the story of the construction of the underground system. More footage shows the construction work, building the underground tunnels, the extensions of the system, the inauguration ceremonies that occurred, the issues encountered during the project and the solutions employed, opening ceremony of the Island line opened in May 1985.

The construction phase is followed by the operation phase of the MTR as told by the film, the ways the MTR handles the mass of passengers, communicates and promotes its services. The film includes extracts of television commercials produced for MTR.

The film also looks at the financial aspects and operating results of the MTR and its international recognition. The film ends with a mention to the new airport rail link project.


19 mins 20 seconds video on 1 VHS cassette
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