Film - Safe Journey! A Report on the Proposed Riverside Guided-Bus System

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Corporate film produced for Tyne & Wear Development Corporation (TWDC) and AEG (Aktiengesellschaft Systems and Automation Division), by John Frost Associates.

The video is a report on the project and the testing of a guided-bus system in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, on specially built test tracks on Tyneside. The tests ran in May and June 1996. The report emphasises on the effectiveness, reliability and safety of the system.

The LIFE programme of the European Union's Directorate General 11 funded half of the project and TWDC funded the other half.

There is footage of Newcastle, the traffic in the city, and footage showing the built test tracks by the riverside. Shots were taken during the trials with a driver. The video also includes interviews conducted with AEG and TWDC representatives, the test driver and a BAeSEMA consultant who ran the tests.

The film includes footage of the Channel tunnel, featuring emergency vehicles in the survice tunnel as AEG was involved with the creation of the electronic guidance system in the service tunnel.


11 mins 35 seconds video on 1 VHS cassette
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