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Corporate film produced for GEC Alsthom Traction Limited with assistance of AB Connectors Limited, and produced by Mercia Films.

The film starts with pictures images of trains from around the world, including Mass Transit Railway trains in Hong Kong (MTRC), followed by a brief reminder of the history of the Traction Division of GEC told by a commentary and archive photographs. Using the example of the issue of having to many suppliers for electrical components, the video shows how bringing GEC employees from different departments to work on the issue is the way to create unity within the company and maintain its competitivity. The video details the method and highlight the efficiency of teamwork, which led to choosing one unique supplier, AB Connectors Limited.

Footage features works and offices in Preston and in Manchester, some footage were also taken at ABB MS Bayonet GECAT.


10 mins 25 seconds video on 1 VHS cassette
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