Footage of stocks of the London underground Jubilee and Northern lines and CAD-CAM designs

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Footage of unknown provenance.

Footage of the 1995 stock (Northern Line) and 1996 stock (Jubilee line) of the London Underground (unedited rushes).

Long shots with burnt-in timecode of 1996 stock of Jubilee line, stocks manufactured by GEC Alsthom-Metro-Cammell. The shots show the driver's cab from outside and inside, the driver's commands, the opening of the driver's door, the inside of the carriage with a lady featuring a passenger (plus a photographer), the map of the Jubilee line presented on board of the car. Some of the interior shots may include 1995 stock of the Northern line (according note on the video case). The last part features a man showing CAD CAM designs of the stocks (maybe 1995 and 1996 stocks) on computer screens in an office.


27 mins video on 1 VHS cassette
Urban Transport, Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing and Video Tape Recordings
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