Footage of wheelslip tests with Intercity 125

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Research footage of test run on wheel slips with detergent on Intercity 125 fitted with InterCity sleeper coaches, taken by Quest Television for GEC Traction.

Shots with burnt-in timecode (rushes). The test filmed was performed at Crewe on 19/04/1989. This studies the wheels behaviour when using of detergent on rail relatively to the speed of the train.

Some shots taken from the trackside show the Intercity 125 passing. Long close up shot shows the tracks with detergent liquid dripping on them after the passing of the train. Various close-up shots of wheels on tracks are repeated with different trains, showing the wheels stopped and slowly moving while a liquid detergent is being projected from the wheel side between the wheel and the track.

A Report sheet detailing the shots and the setting of the test is enclosed with the VHS cassette in the case.


9 mins 15 seconds video on 1 VHS cassette
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