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Television program part of the science and documentary series 'Equinox', produced by Uden Associates Limited, narrated by Robin Ellis and broadcasted on Channel 4 on 11/02/1988.

The production involved the help of British Rail Audiovisual unit, Ivo Peters and the SNCF according the credits.

'Running to time' deals with the introduction of the new Intercity 225, class 91 Electra, the new high speed passenger train that will be brought to service by British Rail. The episode introduces the topic with highlighting the particularity of railways compare to other transports. The program reviews the previous projects and research made on high speed trains (APT and APT-E, ECML electrification). The second part of the program looks at high speed trains in Europe (French TGV, German ICE), it then follows in details the building of Class 91 Electra by GEC Transportation Project Limited.

The program includes various interviews with representatives of British Railways and GEC, involved in the building of the InterCity 225:

David Rollin (project director B.R), Dr Stephen Potter (author), Steve Corfield (Deputy Project manager GEC), Roger Ford (Technical editor, Mordern Railways), John Prideaux (Director, Intercity), David Carter (Design consultant, DCA Design, Warrick), Mike Newman (Project manager, GEC), John Cronin (depot manager), Don Heath (project director, electrification, ECML), Geoffrey Freeman Allen (Editor, Janes World Railway), Al Reed (deputy engineering director, GEC), Gerald West (Project engineer, GEC), Jim Carhill (Engineer, RTC), Eric Black (director, Metro-Cammell)

There are archival footage used in the programme (APT and APT-E tests, illustration of 1955 modernisation plan with steam and diesel engines footage, etc.), and the contemporary shots include: York railway station, footage of Crewe works, CAD CAM designs and wooden mock-up of Class 91 locomotive, GEC Preston (electrical equipment for Electra), GEC Stafford Research laboratory (test on gear boxes and electronic components), Railway Technical Centre Derby (test on body shell).


53 mins 5 seconds video on 1 VHS cassette
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