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Corporate film produced for GEC Transportation Projects Limited by Anvil Film and Recording Group Limited, directed by David Stevens.

The film addresses British and foreign clients and offers an insight into the teams behind GEC TPL. The film is presented by actor Clifford Earl, who visits GEC TPL headquarters in St Albans and meets with a series of GEC managers and employees who go through their jobs and responsibilities in the making of modern electric railways.

The film starts with shots introducing presenter Clifford Earl getting off British Rail Inter-City Class 87 87034 William Shakespeare at a station. Clifford Earl is filmed in GEC TPL St Albans offices where he meets with a GEC TPL representative. This last introduces GEC TPL and the different disciplines behind it: power supplies, substations, overhead catenaries, rolling stocks, signalling, controls and telecommunications which are produced and supplied by companies within the GEC Group.

Following Clifford Earl, the film focuses on the human side of GEC TPL and how each discipline and employee roles are tied together to bring up modern railway projects to life for their clients. Using footage taken of the different sites, close up shots of workers and shots of talk with employees, the film go through the different aspects of building a modern electric railway.

The activities represented include a project group in a meeting, engineers conducting survey on site, employees operating computers for calculation and power study. Shots present the project engineering offices at St Albans. Further footage taken on British Rail illustrates construction work coordinated by GEC TPL: track laying; catenaries, overhead lines and pantographs construction and tests. Images are taken of an operating control centre on British Rail.

Clifford Earl goes on various sites and meets with representatives of various companies of the GEC Group. His visits are filmed at GEC High Voltage Switch Gear Limited factory located in Trafalgar Park in Manchester, GEC Traction offices, including the computer aided design centre and the electronics control lab. Also in Stafford, where are presented GEC Power Transformers and GEC Rectifiers roles. Footage then introduces GEC Development section and engineers researching new methods of propulsions. Additional companies of the group are filmed: GEC General Signal Limited, GEC Telecommunication Limited and GEC Research Centre where research and development is undergone for fibre optic cables.

GEC TPL presents in this film the people in the GEC group they entrust to carry on the modernisation and electrification projects clients would commission them to build and coordinate.

The end credits acknowledge the following companies for their help in the making of the film:

The GEC Group of companies, Balfour Beatty Power Construction Ltd, British Rail, British Transport Films, Costain Concrete Co. Ltd, Grant Lyon Eagre Ltd, Hylton Warner, London Transport Executive, and the Railways of Brazil, India, New-Zealand, South Africa, Spain and Taiwan


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